Yes, there will be a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

By now you’ve seen and heard a lot about the Galaxy S8 from Samsung. It’s beautiful, right? Now, in 2017, the company is three years into using premium materials. The Galaxy S8 is made of metal and glass, which partly explains why the price tag is so high. But those materials, despite Corning’s Gorilla Glass being used for the glass, aren’t indestructible. There are consumers out there who are clumsy or work in rugged environments. Luckily, Samsung pays attention to the fact that not everyone can have a metal- and glass-made phone.

You’ll once again be able to buy Samsung’s latest flagship in a variant built around durability.

The Galaxy S8 Active, according to SamMobile, is currently under development as Cruiser internally. And the model number for this phone is SM-G892A.

Why is Samsung using Cruiser as the codename? Look up the definition of a military cruiser. They’re big, powerful, and armored. That aligns with Samsung’s Active variants. Let’s look back at the Galaxy S6 Active and Galaxy S7 Active for a moment. They were bulkier than the regular variants because of their enhancements. Those phones had complete different designs to withstand knocks, drops, and spills. Also, Samsung inserted larger batteries. So the Galaxy S6 Active and Galaxy S7 Active were able to withstand way more than their regular variants while lasting longer.

While it isn’t confirmed yet, we assume AT&T will be the exclusive seller of the Galaxy S8 Active. The carrier has been the only place to buy Active variants for several years. If you’re someone who needs a durable phone, hopefully you’re an AT&T customer as well.

Source: SamMobile

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