DisplayMate says the Galaxy S8 has the best display ever put on a phone

DisplayMate put out its report on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, saying they have sport the best display ever put on a smartphone.

Samsung smartphones have traditionally had phenomenal displays. Journalists and users alike are always raving at the sheer quality of it. Samsung is able to do¬†wonders¬†with its Super AMOLED technology, and obviously, they’ve outdone themselves once again.

Previously, DisplayMate rated the iPhone 7’s LCD panel as the best display ever, but now, that crown has been moved over to Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

DisplayMate noted there has been improvements in every lab test they conducted when comparing it to the Galaxy S7 last year.

This rating is no surprise, given that the Galaxy S8 is now equipped with the “Infinity Display,” which essentially means there are little to no bezels on the phone. As such, the display panel now essentially fills the entire front of the phone. And with a 3K resolution — 2940 x 1440 — and an aspect ratio 18.5:9, the smartphone truly does look phenomenal.

source: DisplayMate

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