Say hello to the Movado Connect with Android Wear, available this Fall

There are a lot of companies building Android Wear smartwatches, but it is often a phone manufacturer creating a watch that goes a long with their device lineup. Recently, more traditional watch brands are stepping into the ring with their own versions and Movado has just took the wraps off their upcoming Android Wear smartwatch: the Movado Connect.

A couple weeks ago, the partnership between Google and Movado was announced with the promise of a new collection of smartwatches to be released in 2017. We already knew that Movado Connect would be the branding and that there would be several versions available, however until now we didn’t have any idea what the watches would actually look like. These new images show off a very sleek smartwatch that screams luxury with its edge-to-edge crystal face and a simple, yet sophisticated design. True, there may not be a lot that’s unique to the Movado Connect’s appearance, but the Movado branding will help expose the Android Wear platform to a bigger audience.

Starting at at $495, the Movado Connect will arrive this Fall with five men’s styles of straps or bracelets, and over 100 dial variations. According to the announcement, “Each dial explores Movado’s iconic single dot design with brilliant new color, dimension, complication, details and day to night transformation.” It will be interesting to see what all of that actually looks like closer to the release of the watch.

The Movado Connect will come with Android Wear 2.0 and all the features you would expect in a smartwatch. This means access to the Google Play Store for apps, Google Fit integration and activity monitoring, Google Assistant built right in, and support for Android Pay. Any other actual specs for the Movado Connect, such as display resolution, internal storage, and battery capacity are still unknown at this point.

Are you excited for the Movado Connect?

Source: Movado

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    Very excited…depending on full specs and bracelet variations.