Fossil is releasing a ton of smartwatches in 2017

Android Wear 2.0 was Google’s attempt to kickstart the smartwatch market (on the Android side of things, anyway) and so far we’ve definitely seen a renewed interest from hardware partners. Fossil is following that up with a slew of new watches they’re planning on releasing in 2017, giving consumers options on top of options.

When I say options, I really mean options. They’ve got a ton of watches from partners ready to be released over the course of the year, covering both hybrid watches (slim watches with fitness tracking and some smartwatch functionality) and touchscreen smartwatches, which are more traditional in the smart sense.

The hybrid watches will be the most varied from a ton of different brands, including things from Fossil directly. They’re intended to be a little more slick and not focus so much on the smart part as much the watch part. The touchscreen watches are what we’re interested in, though.

All of the actual smartwatches will be powered by Android Wear 2.0, a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, and sport AMOLED screens. They’ll also have their own unique watch faces designed specifically by Fossil to help them stand apart from the rest of the crowds.

Not all of them will feature things like integrated GPS and heart rate monitoring, but there will be plenty of variety to choose from. And it only makes sense, from a watch vendor’s point of view; these are fashion accessories, and everyone’s taste is a little different, so why not make something for everyone? Just don’t think about how bad the update situation is going to be in a couple of years.

source: Fossil

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