Lenovo knocks Apple’s red iPhone 7, says Moto phones used the color first

Lenovo didn’t wait long to jump at Apple for its introduction of the iPhone 7 in red.

Apple unveiled a new color option for the iPhone 7 this week. It’s the same iPhone we’ve known since September, but the back and sides are red while the front is white. Many people, including myself, were truly impressed by the beauty of the red iPhone. Why? Companies just don’t release red phones as frequently as they should. And, if they do, it ends up looking bad. But Apple definitely nailed using red with the iPhone here.

One company that doesn’t care for the buzz around the iPhone in red is Lenovo. Both Lenovo and Moto shared a humorous post on Weibo poking fun at the device.

Before you see Lenovo’s post, keep in mind that it’s not taking any shots at the purpose of the red-colored iPhone. Apple is among the numerous brands that work with the ONE Campaign to release products in red. Revenue generated by these products helps in the mission to eradicate HIV/AIDS in Africa and raise awareness. So, regardless of what Lenovo says in a joking manner, we all know that Apple doing something outstanding.

Without further ado, here’s the shade-throwing image:

It says “Always Red” while showing four red-colored Moto devices.

Lenovo is pointing out that it used red on Moto phones before Apple did so with the iPhone 7, which is actually true. The Moto X from 2014, through customization on Moto Maker, could be bought in red. Then the DROID Turbo, Moto X Pure Edition, and Moto Z all followed with options including the color. Apple didn’t release a red iPhone until now.

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  • Jarl

    the HTC Butterfly s, released in 2013, was also available in red. I know because I had one. black front, instead of white, better combo imho

  • Danny

    It wasn’t a phone but Apple released a Red iPod Nano in 2006.

  • snoop doge

    really? motorola is childish

  • Justin_Herrick

    Who, Lenovo? We can’t say for sure what global causes they’re addressing. But like I said in the post… They’re not saying anything about Apple’s involvement with (RED). I think it’s strictly tongue-in-cheek.

  • Lupo Čin

    Let me remind everyone that the original Motorola Razr was available in red colour. And we are talking about year 2005-ish.

    Then again, there is also Nokia 5110 – of which red was just one of many colors – which was the latest craze of year 1998 i think.

    Now lets think where that trend of colorful phones ended. Do I remember well that it was soon after iPhone was introduced?

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fefa4974227cbca6dff67ac5fff7b0eddbeb6ffb2855bfe941fce21a27c4dd91.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e4babbb1a408f5a91101250da247eecf265ac6373ccd5439d648352e9610a582.jpg