Qualcomm wants to help bring LTE to your flip phone

Have you ever wished you could buy a flip phone or other feature with a blazing fast LTE modem? No? Okay, that’s normal, but you’re also probably not the target for Qualcomm’s latest invention.

The chip maker has decided to create a mobile platform (read: processor) with an integrated LTE modem for feature phones that’s bound for developing markets. It’s being called the Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform and will use a fairly scaled back set of hardware, like dual 1.1GHz CPUs, and will only support 480p displays and 3-megapixel cameras. Again, this is definitely for cheaper phones in emerging markets, not phones in developed, saturated markets.

This has the advantage of bringing much faster internet speeds, VoLTE, and VoIP to areas that are only just beginning to see faster networks develop, and it won’t be crazy expensive for OEMs to use these chips in their devices. It’s hard to justify slapping a big Snapdragon mobile platform in a tiny $20 phone, and the battery life would suffer, too. That’s where these cheaper solutions come in.

This new endeavor shows that Qualcomm has figured out that smartphone saturation is very real and very problematic for growth, so they’re expanding into smaller connected devices to keep the ball rolling. It also taps markets that still have room to grow, unlike countries like the US.

source: Qualcomm

About the Author: Jared Peters

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