Google’s ‘MyAndroid’ site will help you personalize your home screen

Just because Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system doesn’t mean that everyone’s home screen has to look the same. Thanks to the vast differences in the custom interfaces that OEM’s pre-install on devices and Android’s huge potential for customization, we can all set up our handsets and tablets in unique ways. If you are finding inspiration hard to come by, though, you can visit Google’s new “MyAndroid” site, complete a “Taste Test” about your preferences, and then choose from offer a variety of styles that

You’ll be asked what you prefer between choices such as Organic and Flat, Monochromatic or Multicolored, Vibrant or Muted, or Animated or Static, among others. Once the “Taste Test” has been completed, you’ll be presented with three styles to choose from. What’s more, you’ll also be given the Play Store download links to the apps, launchers, icon packs, widgets, and keyboards that will help you create the desired style. If you aren’t happy with the options given, you can always just take the test again, answer the questions a little differently, and see what transpires next time around.

If you’ve thought your smartphone or tablet needs sprucing up, Google’s “MyAndroid” site is a quick, easy way to freshen up your home screen. As Google says, “Be together. Not the same“. Don’t forget we have our Sunday Screens series on erm, Sundays, where you can tweet your home screens to @TalkAndroid.

Source: MyAndroid

About the Author: Peter Holden

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