T-Mobile raises its deprioritization limit to 30GB before throttling customers

T-Mobile raised the deprioritization on its network yesterday. Previously, T-Mobile would throttle customers using more than 28GB of data in a month. The company has since raised that limit to 30GB.

The Uncarrier’s deprioritazation limit is a little higher than much of the competition. For example, AT&T and Verizon have a limit that sits at 22GB in a single billing cycle. Sprint’s is only 1GB higher at 23GB. This move would make T-Mobile’s limit 8GB higher than a big part of the competition.

So, what does this mean for the consumer? It means that if you use 30GB of data or more in a billing cycle, T-Mobile will put you on a deprioritization list and throttle your connection; however, this usually only happens based on location. For example, if the network isn’t congested in an area you’re in, you won’t be throttled at all.

T-Mobile customers won’t have to do anything to take advantage of this extra 2GB, as it’s put into affect automatically.

via: TmoNews