Cricket Wireless tweaks unlimited plan, lowers price to $55/mo

AT&T’s Cricket Wireless is starting to modify itself to compete better with other prepaid carriers. Today, Cricket Wireless adjusted its unlimited plan with a lower price.

Until now, the unlimited plan was $70 per month. That price could be lowered to $65 per month by enrolling in auto-pay. The new price, which is $60 to start, gives customers at Cricket Wireless unlimited talk, text, and data for $55 per month as long as auto-pay is active.

It’s a clear move to take on MetroPCS, the prepaid carrier owned and operated by T-Mobile. MetroPCS’ unlimited plan currently goes for $50 per month. After seeing AT&T’s move for Cricket Wireless, no one should be surprised if T-Mobile does something to increase the value of MetroPCS’ unlimited plan. T-Mobile CEO John Legere doesn’t enjoy when competitors make announcements that put his brands’ offerings behind. Though, for now, MetroPCS still has an edge on Cricket Wireless.

If you switch to the carrier today, you’ll get a free phone. The Samsung Galaxy Amp 2, LG Spree, ZTE Sonata 3, and Alcatel Streak are the freebies to choose from at Cricket Wireless. It’s a limited to promotion, though, and could end when the allotted amount of phones are gone. Plus, if you’re coming over from AT&T, you won’t be able to take advantage of the offer.

Crick Wireless says, later this year, it will give customers access to new features including HD calling and WiFi calling.

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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