Motorola Xoom starts showing up in stores, at Verizon, and User Guide leaked

The Motorola Xoom is almost out, and how excited are we getting?! I’d have to say pretty darn excited! With the price of $800, the Xoom began showing up at Verizon stores, among others with promo materials and goodies to assist in the retail launch. The units to hit Verizon thus far look to be dummy devices, but still, that makes it that much more real.

Pricing for the tablet should still be around the $800 range we saw at Best Buy, and had heard about Motorola’s CEO justifications of that pricing, but we’ll really just have to wait and see what it gets listed as the day of sale. That sale should be Feb. 24th.

If you’re going to grab one on the 24th, or there after right away, why not get familiar with how to use it before hand. You can now because the Xoom user guide made its way online already, just before launch. You can grab a copy of it here if you want to get a head start.

[via BGR, intomobile]

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