Bluetooth turning off for some Google Pixel and Pixel XL users in new bug

No smartphone is without its share of bugs and other issues, and Google’s latest and greatest Pixel and Pixel XL phones have been experiencing several recently, causing many users to flood support forums asking for help. The latest bug to pop up causes Bluetooth on some Pixel and Pixel XL devices to randomly shut off without any interaction from the user.

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While many bugs can be nothing more than a slight inconvenience, some are serious enough to greatly affect the daily use of our smartphones. A lot of people rely on other devices or peripherals connected via Bluetooth and when that stops working it can cause a lot of headaches. Users of both the Google Pixel and Pixel XL have been posting on Reddit and Google’s Pixel community forums trying to find a solution and get some kind of response from the Mountain View company itself.

In addition to Bluetooth shutting off once or even several times a day, many of these users will continue to have connection issues after turning it back on or rebooting the device. Either Bluetooth will shut itself off again or it will be on but unable to reconnect with any devices. The good news is that Google has acknowledged the issue and is now directing users to post specific information in the Pixel community forum. No fix is in sight, but always good news that an investigation is underway.

What most people seem to agree on is the possible connection to Google’s February 2017 security patch, since it was after that update when the Bluetooth issues started up. What’s also interesting is that there was another bug connected to Google’s stock Phone app where audio over Bluetooth would send through the phone speaker instead of the connected device. No direct evidence to think these two bugs are related, but it could be part of a deeper issue.

Are you experiencing this Bluetooth bug or any other bugs? If so, head on over to the Pixel community forum and make your voice heard in hopes of a speedy fix from Google.

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  • kkazakov

    It’s happening to my Pixel. It also happens on Nexus 6P with February update applied. So, it’s not limited to Pixels only…

  • Ware52

    The Bluetooth on my 6P randomly turned off this week. It’s only done it once so far so I don’t know if it’s related or not…