Latest update to Google Phone app might be the root of Bluetooth issues

If you’re using a device that relies on Google’s stock Phone application that’s updated via the Play Store, you might have noticed some issues that started earlier this month that mess with your ability to make calls over Bluetooth. If you’ve run into that problem, well, the good news is that you’re not alone. Tons of other people have hit the snag, too, and everyone’s pretty sure it’s Google’s fault.

The update, which went live on February 10th, has reportedly messed up the app’s ability to send audio over Bluetooth devices and will instead always use the phone speaker. Rolling back the update doesn’t fix it, so there’s clearly some deep system-level wonkiness happening here. It only affects Nexus and Pixel users, so it’s not a widespread thing for Android devices, but for anyone using a flagship Google device that has to be incredibly frustrating. And it doesn’t appear to mess with streaming other audio over Bluetooth devices, so music streaming is still okay despite the other problems.

On the bright side, with this many people having the issue, Google definitely has to be aware that something’s wrong. It would only make sense for an update to get pushed out very soon to solve the problem… right?

Don’t let us down, Google.

source: Android Police


About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Joe

    So glad we are still beta testing Android. Feels like the Nexus program at Pixel prices.