Get a look at the on-screen buttons from the Samsung Galaxy S8

The world is still waiting for Samsung’s 2017 flagship and will continue to do so for a couple more weeks, but leaks are beginning to come in at a quicker pace. Now we’re getting all different types of information regarding the Galaxy S8 coming this spring. Things like its launch date, appearance, and logo have all showed up already. There’s probably going to be very little we don’t know about the phone upon showtime.

Today’s discovery involves an area that many people were curious about. Rather than having a physical home button and capacitive buttons on each side, the Galaxy S8 is likely to end up being the first Samsung device with on-screen buttons. Previous leaks have showed the physical home button is gone, and a leak going around right now confirms that.

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An anonymous Twitter account shared multiple images of an alleged Galaxy S8 prior to Samsung’s official launch. While most of the images show what we’re already aware of, one in particular stands out because the display is on and the phone is unlocked. So we’re able to see, for the very first time, exactly what Samsung is doing with on-screen buttons.

Because the Galaxy S8 appears to be pretty tall, Samsung will try to reduce the distance fingers have to move by elimination the physical home button and its companion keys. The on-screen buttons live right on the display, just as the do on devices like the Google Pixel and OnePlus 3. Where Samsung’s implementation is different is the layout. As was the case prior to this, Samsung thinks the Back button goes on the right side of the home button and the Recents button goes on the left side of the home button. Most companies, meanwhile, follow Google’s implementation and do the standard order of Back, Home, and Recents from left to right.

Samsung will be at MWC 2017 later this month, but the company won’t be announcing the Galaxy S8 there. Instead you should expect to see the flagship announced in March and released in April.

Source: Ice Universe (Twitter)
Via: SamMobile

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