Samsung’s reputation dips in the United States

Samsung’s reputation has dropped significantly in the United States, according to the 2017 Reputation Quotient Ratings by Harris Poll. The Galaxy Note 7 debacle had a part to play in this, but you might be surprised — it’s not the only factor.

In 2015, Harris Poll put Samsung in third place among the 100 corporation surveyed. This year, Samsung has dropped all the way down to 49th place, falling a whole 46 spots.

The way that The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient ranks these companies is by surveying the top 100 most visible companies within the United States. From there, they evaluate the public perception of these companies, mostly by getting consumer participation/feedback in the survey. This time around, there was about 2.3 million people that participated.

The Galaxy Note 7 issue certainly had a lot to deal with this, breaking its trust with many consumers worldwide. But, there are other factors at play that has caused such a significant dip in reputation. One of the larger ones is the legal troubles with Lee Jae-yong, Vice Chairman at Samsung, who was just recently jailed on bribery charges.

Suffice to say, it’ll be interesting how this dip in reputation will reflect Samsung’s sales when it’s next big flagship arrives.

source: Harris Poll
via: SamMobile

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  • Meh the S8 sales will fix this issue, its fanbase has too big of an influence for the launch sales to be low anyways.