Samsung is expecting to see huge demand for the Galaxy S8

Samsung is expecting to see massive demand for the upcoming Galaxy S8. According to local Korean news outlet The Bell, the Korean tech giant this time around will be almost doubling its first shipments.

The Investor says this will be about 40% higher than the first 12 million shipments of the Galaxy S7. Samsung Display, will supply 10 million OLEDs for the Galaxy S8 and 6 million OLEDs for the rumored Galaxy S8+. In other words, for the Galaxy S8’s first few months, we could see shipments reach a whopping 18 million.

Samsung overall is looking at reaching a total sales goal of 60 million units. In comparison, Samsung had a sales goal of 48 million for the Galaxy S7.

We don’t know what early excitement and anticipation looks like it in the market yet — and we won’t until pre-orders open up — but The Investor says, based on Samsung’s initial shipment goals, the company could ship 55 million units this year.

Those interested in Samsung’s upcoming flagship won’t have to wait too much longer. The company is rumored to announce the phone in late March with a launch in mid-April.

source: The Investor
via: Phone Arena

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