Battery life on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is reportedly 10% down after Nougat update

Samsung has been rolling out the Android 7.0 Nougat update to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in recent weeks, the product of its beta testing program that began in November 2016. While it’s always good to see a handset updating to the latest version of Android, it has been reported that the Nougat update for the Galaxy S7 could have an adverse impact on battery life.

You read that correctly, the Nougat update could be adversely affecting battery life on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge by as much as 10%. This is according to PhoneArena, who ran the same battery tests before and after the Nougat update was installed. Test results showed that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge lost around 35 minutes worth of screen-on-time, a difference of 9.4% and 8.1% respectively after updating to Nougat.

One possible reason for the dip in battery life is that Nougat features a lot more white in its visuals, and AMOLED displays use more power displaying white pixels than they do when displaying dark pixels. If this is the case, it’s unclear whether it’s something that Samsung can fix with a firmware update.

If you’ve received the Nougat update on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, how have you found it? Is standby usage the same or worse than it was before the update? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Phone Arena

About the Author: Peter Holden

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  • BlackHawkRider .

    If that is the case, can’t you simply just use night mode? I don’t have Nougat yet so I have no idea what battery drain they are referring to, however, if the battery drain is due to visuals of white pixels, then switching to night mode should reduce it right?

  • Tim Dodd

    I have achieved, or been on target for, six or more hours SOT each day since installing Nougat. Today it’s a light use day and I have 3:08 SOT so far with 52% remaining. I have yet to run out of power before bed time.

    • Meir

      Nice !

      • Tim Dodd

        Funnily enough I did run out of juice before bed time a couple of days ago, but on that day I achieved 7:30 SOT before it threw in the towel. I have Wi-Fi, data, Bluetooth and location all turned on 24×7. I really can’t complain about performance like that.

  • Michael

    Yeah my s7 is warmer and loses battery quicker… Really odd.

    • meir cohen

      Very sorry to read that. I did get the update but i don’t intend to use it for now.

      • Michael

        After 4 days, it seems something is different. It doesn’t get as hot or lose battery as fast, but its definitely less capacity than before. For me, it’s not worth the upgrade, since the S7 could already do a lot of the features that this update added…hmm.

        • Meir

          Agreed !

  • Laurence Harvey

    My s7 has better battery life by about 30% better since the nougat update so work that one out ?

    • meir cohen

      Are you serious about that??
      It is a good news if it’s really true.

      • Laurence Harvey

        Hi , well I’ve been using the update for about a week and can easily get a day out of the s7 now taking it off charge about 8.00am and still having 20% at 10.00pm . Turn down the screen res to it’s lowest setting, and adjust the developer options as I mentioned and you’ll be fine .

        • Laurence Harvey

          Taken off charge this morning at 8.00am , few calls , browsing and emails and only used 6% so not bad at all .Last night at 11.35pm had 35% battery left so definatly an improvement for sure since crappy marshmallowballoon ha ha ha

  • CeltFlint

    I do hope it takes into account the extra ‘messing about on the new software’ enery usage compared to NOT messing about. This would account for battery life seeming lower compared to previous weeks.

  • meir cohen

    Did get the update yesterday (Israel)but according to all the battery issues that i read i will not intend to upgrade my galaxy s7 edge to android nougat.
    S7 edge battery life on android M really great so i do not want to take the risk.
    Thank you.

  • Lee Dawkins

    My battery is draining at rapid speed. Got up at 6:30 a.m. with 100% battery and by the time 7:30 a.m. rolled around it was 68%. This was on a Galaxy S7

    • Cecelia Johnson-Hudson

      Mine tooo did u find a fix

  • Phil

    It’s a battery killer on T-mobile S7

  • Elaine Michelle Rosaly

    It’s eating my battery in less
    than an hour in a half. And you call the company AT&T and they don’t know nothing about this version….

  • Nancy Novo O’Connor

    Way worse than 10% on my Galaxy S7, Need to recharge 1-2 times a day to not let phone die. Plus text to speech is a mess. Microphone turns off in the middle of speaking constantly, and doesn’t wait for me to finish speaking when doing Google searches. Big mess. I HATE all the white, it’s all harder to see. If that’s part of the problem then I hope they roll out a whole new look!

  • Devin Irvine

    Have had a drastic change in battery drain. Prior to update on my s7 edge i could easily be at 40-60 percent battery at the end of the day. Now im lucky if ive got 10-15 percent. No change in use and im only seeing 3 1/2 hours screen on time. Ive had to adjust my usage just to get through a work day. I have 2 of these phone. On for work and one personal. I carry both every day and i can say there is atleast a 20 percent difference from before and after update. My personal phone is running 7.0 and work phone is original from launch.

    • Royce Duff Ballon

      After the update, what I did was to press volume up+home button+power button. Then I Cleared the cache, reset factory settings. Then I got no problems in nougat. And to ensure that Battery is good, I recalibrate it using an app using advance battery calibration, followed the instructions, and … BOOM.. I even got longer battery life on NOUGAT than MM. Its just that battery calibration file might be corrupted after the update especially if you have too many apps

  • Aeladya

    According to my brother in law’s friend who works at T-Mobile, Samsung does this on purpose to older phone models so that they force you to upgrade.