Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to be code-named ‘Baikal’

Last year’s Galaxy Note 7 was on course to be named as the smartphone of the year until production was discontinued and units were recalled due it’s flawed battery design. As a result, there was major doubt whether Samsung would continue the Note series at all, but it was confirmed back in January that the Korean handset maker would indeed be producing a 2017 edition, and it seems that its internal codename is ‘Baikal’.

The leaked codename comes courtesy of Twitter and is as yet unconfirmed, so keep a pinch of salt handy.

What does ‘Baikal’ mean? Well, it’s the name of the world’s deepest lake, situated in Siberia, just north of the Mongolian border. Besides being the world’s deepest lake, Baikal is also one of the clearest lakes, as well as one of the oldest, being around 20-25 million years old.

What does that mean for the Galaxy Note 8? It’s unclear as yet, but you would think that this year’s model will sport a higher waterproof rating than the previous model. As you might expect at this early stage, there is very little known about the Galaxy Note 8 at the present, with most of our attention being focussed on the upcoming Galaxy S8.

As for it being called the Galaxy Note 8, I’m of the opinion that Samsung may change the branding slightly because we’ve already had the Galaxy Note 8 in the form of an 8-inch tablet back in 2013. Time will tell.

What do you think of the codename ‘Baikal’? Is anyone else disappointed that it isn’t ‘Phoenix’? Maybe that one cuts a little too close to the bone for Samsung, though.

Source: @UniverseIce  (Twitter)
Via: AndroidPure

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