Here’s a new LG G6 leak showing an all-metal body

Three weeks separate the LG G6 from the public, but we’re getting a new look at LG’s 2017 flagship courtesy of yet another leak. The upcoming phone is anything but shy at this point despite LG’s best efforts to keep the G6 a secret until official. None of us are complaining, though, because appearances like today’s give us a better idea of what to expect.

Hit the break to see the leaked images.

The latest batch of images allegedly showing LG’s G6 comes from underKG, who provided a first look at the device last week. Now we’re getting to see what the publication believes to be the G6 at multiple angles. The images provide viewpoints of the front, back, top, and bottom. So, yeah, nothing is left to the imagination as of now if what we’re seeing is indeed what everyone believes it is.

What are we noticing on the front? Pretty much your standard layout, especially for an LG-made phone. Above the display is the phone speaker, ambient light sensor, and front-facing camera. There isn’t anything below the display since LG uses on-screen buttons.

Like the G5, LG is keeping the auxiliary port on the top for the G6. The bottom of the phone in the images, meanwhile, is where you’ll find a microphone, USB Type-C port, and speaker.

Is anyone else getting a Samsung vibe from these images? The front and sides resemble the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 released over the last two years. Those were popular phones, but one would think LG would like to maintain a unique image. Maybe our eyes are feeling us and you don’t see it.

As expected, the back of the alleged G6 features a power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner and LG’s dual-camera setup.

You’ll get to see the G6 for yourself through our live coverage at MWC 2017 later this month. The presentation for the LG G6 is scheduled for February 26 at 6:00AM ET.

Source: underKG
Via: Droid Life

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  • Alan Goldman

    To me it seems thick with ugly side bezels. Not loving it. Don’t like the metal to be honest.