Move over, Samsung; the LG G6 leaks in broad daylight

We’ve had no shortage of Galaxy S8 leaks this year, whether you’re interested in what the device looks like, what kind of hardware it will have, or even what accessories will launch with it. All the Samsung hype has pushed some other phones to the wayside, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still incredibly excited to see what LG has cooked up to compete with Samsung’s return to form after the explosive Galaxy Note 7 launch.

The LG G6 has been comparatively quiet, but it’s seen its share of leaked information over the past few months. That’s not stopping the newest leak, however, which supposedly shows the LG G6 in the best picture we’ve gotten to date.

The image shows the G6 in a glossy black, and the design matches up pretty nicely with what we’ve heard up to this point. LG isn’t abandoning their dual camera setup, and the fingerprint scanner is situated just below the lenses. The volume rocker on the back isn’t making a return, and overall it looks like a cleaner, sleeker G5, for better or worse. The pictures do seem to confirm that LG is ready to bury their half-baked modules, which means all two of those that you might have bought for your G5 aren’t going to work here. Fortunately, I doubt very many people actually bought any of them, so hopefully we won’t have too many people burned by the cut feature.

There’s still plenty left up to the imagination about the G6, but we’re closing in on an announcement very soon. Keep your fingers crossed that LG still has some tricks in the bag to surprise us.

source: Business Insider

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    When are we going to be done with the glossy fad… ugg