T-Mobile is adding Hulu to their previous free DirecTV Now offer

Remember back in December when T-Mobile was giving away a free year of DirecTV Now to AT&T customers that switched carriers? That’s arguably the most aggressive promotion we’ve ever seen in the wireless industry, but in typical T-Mobile fashion, the Un-carrier has another move to rub things in just a little bit more.

DirecTV Now was, well, not so great. I wasn’t crazy about the content (and lack of ways to watch said content) but many other users have reported problems with the streaming service itself and the apps to go along with it. So all of those people that switched to T-Mobile still ended up getting a poor experience from AT&T despite ditching the carrier on the wireless side of things.

If you happened to be one of those customers, T-Mobile is going to try to make things better for you. In addition to your free year of DirecTV, you’ll also be getting an entire free year of Hulu, which you can stream completely free on T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans. That’s a really great deal no matter what your opinion is about either carrier or either streaming service.

If you’re in on the promotion, keep an eye out for a code to redeem your free Hulu in a notification over the next few weeks. Then get started on catching up on your favorite shows and movies, since you’re going to have access to pretty much everything you could possibly want for 12 months.

source: T-Mobile

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