LG G6 could be the first non-Google phone with Assistant on-board


We’re only a few weeks away from getting an official announcement on the LG G6, and the closer we get, the more rumors and leaks we get. This new report is a bit of a different one, though. If it’s anything to go off, it appears that the LG G6 will be the first non-Google device with Google Assistant on-board.

This report comes by way of Business Korea. This certainly wouldn’t be a surprising move — Google has high hopes for Assistant, and getting it working on some of the big players might be a key to its success.

Of course, we don’t know how much of this report is actually true. Aside from it being a rumor, Business Korea also says that LG is in talks with Amazon to get Alexa incorporated in future LG phones as well. With Amazon’s Alexa essentially being a competitor with Assistant, it’d be strange to go back-and-forth with voice assistants like that.


Ultimately, if any of this is true, we’ll probably end up seeing one or the other on LG phones for the next couple of years. And, it’ll likely be Assistant, if we had to guess. After all, Assistant is already going to be baked into Google and LG’s upcoming Watch Style and Watch Sport smartwatches, so it’d make sense to have it embedded in an LG phone as well.

It’s definitely an interesting report, and one that’s not too far-fetched either. We’ll hear the official rundown when the phone is officially announced on February 26 at Mobile World Congress this year.

source: Business Korea
via: Mashable

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