Google Pixel demand is much higher than expected, study shows


The Google Pixel is still a hot seller after the holidays. Demand for the phone is exceeding supply, particularly at Verizon retail stores, according to data obtained from Wave7 Research.

The research firm did a study on 50 Verizon stores last week, and obtained some intriguing data. At least at these stores, the Google Pixel accounted for a whopping 9.5% of all smartphones sales in the last month.

Verizon still maintains its exclusivity as the only carrier in the US to sell the Google Pixel. There’s no telling if other carriers will get to sell the smartphone in the near future.

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a significant lack of supply. It’s quite difficult to purchase the Pixel XL and even some Pixel models because the demand is much higher than Google anticipated.


While we earlier mentioned that 9.5% of smartphones sales were Pixel devices at 50 of Verizon’s stores, the Pixel in December actually accounted for 12.3% of smartphone sales at Verizon stores in December, according to Wave7.

And, of course, this really hasn’t affected iPhone 7 sales at all. It’s still a really big seller, despite higher-than-expected demand for the Google Pixel; however, this data could indicate a sort of resurgence for Google. The search giant hasn’t really had a phone aimed at everyday people before, and with the Pixel, now they do.

One thing’s for certain: it will be interesting to see how the Pixel line continues to gain traction over the next few years, especially with Google’s marketing budget. Who knows, maybe it could quickly even become as big as the iPhone.

source: Fierce Wireless

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