Insider states the obvious: the battery caused Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 to explode


Now that the Galaxy Note 7 scandal is behind everyone, Samsung is working on improving its brand and the way the public perceives it.

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An inside source familiar with the situation told Reuters that, on January 23, Samsung will announce the battery within the Galaxy Note 7 was causing the explosions around the world.

Now we just have to wait until Samsung officially says the battery caused the explosions to know that the battery caused the explosions while everyone suspected the battery caused the explosions all along.

We’re hoping Samsung goes a little further with details than the insider for Reuters did. And they probably will. Maybe the phone was exploding because the power button was triggering something or the cooling system wasn’t working properly. Whatever the reason, everyone expected the battery to be involved. That was obvious to millions.

With the Galaxy Note 7 pulled after a brief stint on the market, the Galaxy S8 is being relied upon to carry those lost sales and the annual ones for Samsung’s latest flagship. Samsung wants to apologize for the mess, prove it’s committed to higher standards of safety, and show it remains an innovative company.

If the report comes out on January 23, Samsung would be going public with an explanation the day before its Q4 2016 results are shared.

Source: Reuters

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