LeEco’s smart bikes are coming to the US in Q2 with BikeOS in tow


LeEco announced at CES 2017 that its upcoming Android-powered smart bikes will be available in the US at some point during the second quarter.

The two bikes that will be available are the Smart Road Bike and the Smart Mountain Bike. Interestingly, both are actually powered by a flavor of Android — what LeEco is calling BikeOS. At first, they’re essentially your standard bikes, but upon a closer look, there’s some serious technology behind them.

Both models are equipped with a 4-inch touchscreen. What’s powering it is a Snapdragon 410 processor and a removable 6,000mAh battery. This allows you to take advantage of some neat technology that might prove useful on longer trips, such as turn-by-turn navigation. Not only that, but there’s this communication feature that will let you talk to other compatible LeEco bikes in the area. That might sound strange at first, but it’s primarily there so you can easily and effortlessly talk to friends while you’re both out on your LeEco bikes.


Not biking with a friend? No problem! LeEco has both online and offline music playback built into the bike to help keep you going when your friends aren’t there. This will no doubt drain the battery quicker, but since it’s a pretty low-pwer setup, it should last a good while.

It’s also equipped with a compass, accelerometer, a barometer, lights, a horn and even an alarm. And, as with all smart technology, there’s a social aspect to it, too. With the bike’s companion app, you’ll be able to log all of your bike rides and see the data for each ride. Finally, these bikes actually support third-party accessories, too. So, you could even get a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate as you ride.

It goes without saying: these bikes have everything technology that you could ever want on a bike. No price has been announced yet, but we already imagine it being on a higher scale.

LeEco will launch the Smart Road Bike and Smart Mountain Bike in the US during Q2.

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