Belkin’s CES 2017 announcements include new WeMo plug, light switch


Home automation continues to be a booming category, and Belkin is using CES 2017 as a launching pad for a couple of its new WeMo products.

Belkin is showing off the Mini Smart Plug and Dimmer from its WeMo brand throughout the week in Las Vegas.


Want to convert your wall outlets into smart outlets? The affordable WeMo Mini Smart Plug is arriving to give wireless connectivity to almost anything. It pops into a wall outlet and offers its own outlet, which you use to begin commanding things by your phone or tablet. Through this little device and its companion app, you can schedule on/off timers for a hands-off approach and achieve true home automation.

It works with Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot as well for voice commands with your outlets.

The Mini Smart Plug is already available on WeMo’s site for $34.99. Multiple retailers, too, are expected to begin offering the device as soon as this month if you have a preference to buy somewhere specific.


WeMo’s Dimmer is a light switch that is ready to adjust brightness and calibrate any light bulb to prevent wacky or inconsistent illumination. Paired with the companion app, you can also prevent lights from going on in complete darkness and hurting your eyes.

Like the Mini Smart Plug, the WeMo Dimmer works with Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot.

Although the Dimmer doesn’t have a price at this time, Belkin says it’ll be available on the WeMo site within the next few months. The existing light switch is $49, causing us to think the Dimmer will be sold for around $89.

Both the Mini Smart Plug and the Dimmer are compatible with the usual slate of WeMo-friendly platforms and services.

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