Dish’s AirTV Player gives you the joys of streaming and local TV in one package


Television is seeing increased competition as services like Netflix continue to eat up its customers. Dish Network today in Las Vegas at CES 2017 announced its latest initiate to combat that and retain customers: the AirTV Player.

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The AirTV Player is an set-top box, featuring services like Netflix, Sling TV and your local TV channels. The AirTV Player comes with a bunch of pre-installed options — Netflix, Sling TV and YouTube. But, since Android is at the core of this set-top box, you’ll be able to install any Android TV-compatible apps from Google Play.

Since it’s integrated with Sling TV, you get all your local over-the-air TV channels. And even though the Sling TV channels are an entirely separate thing, they’re still all bundled into the same channel guide, making things that much more seamless.

As an added bonus, this set-top box supports 4k streaming with services that support it (like Netflix).

In the box, you also get a remote. It has voice control (since voice navigation is a pretty integral part of Android TV) as well as dedicated buttons for Netflix, Sling TV and even YouTube. As an interesting twist, the Bluetooth remote is able to connect up to your home theater over an infrared connection.

The AirTV Player set-top box is available as of today. You can get the AirTV Player and the OTA adapter (for the free local TV channels) for $129. But, if you’re fine with just the streaming, you can get the AirTV Player by itself for just $99. If you ever decide you want to add in the OTA adapter down the road, it’ll cost $40 separately — so you’re actually saving yourself $10 by getting it all together straight away.

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