Samsung ranks #2 globally in R&D spending in 2016


Some new numbers have been released detailing just how much R&D money was spent by companies across the globe, and some of the results might be a bit surprising. It’s also astounding just how many billions of dollars were poured into research and development.

Samsung pulled up in the #2 spot behind Volkswagen by about 1 billion euros. I was surprised that Volkswagen managed to outspent all of the major tech companies, and nearly doubled what Toyota spent.

Samsung spent 12.53 billion euros, topping Intel, Alphabet, and Microsoft, who all immediately followed Samsung in ranking. Intel was ranked third but was still over 1 billion euros down from Samsung’s R&D budget.

That’s a ton of money being spent, but considering how many pies Samsung has fingers in, it makes sense. Their mobile division is obviously the biggest sink, but that includes phones, tablets, smartwatches, and software, and that doesn’t touch other successful portions of Samsung’s business like their TVs and home appliances, plus all of the smaller things Samsung deals with in South Korea.

Intel is a little more focused, as they pretty exclusively deal with processors, but Alphabet and Microsoft go right back to the quantity over quality approach. Both of those companies also handle a ton of tech, from cloud services to phones to weird, off-the-wall products just to see what works.

source: IRI
via: The Investor

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