AT&T Call Protect will block out spam and fraudulent phone calls


AT&T’s newest features for their wireless customers is a call blocker on steroids. If you’re constantly getting bugged by spam calls, you’ll now be able to filter things a little more strongly and even block specific numbers or contacts from being able to call you.

It’s all done through a new AT&T Call Protect app, and you’ll have to be in HD Voice coverage on AT&T’s coverage map to take advantage of the new app, but as long as those two conditions are met you’ll get access to some very useful features.

Fraudulent calls are completely automatically blocked, for instance, and if a caller is suspected of being spam, you’ll be alerted before you answer the phone.

This might sound like your everyday call blocker application, but it’s actually all handled network-side to give it a little more oomph compared to an app you grab off the Play Store. There’s nothing wrong with those call blocking apps, but AT&T implementation can stop those calls from ever even reaching your phone, instead of being dumped through an on-device app to filter things. This also means Call Protect will have a bigger, more active database of potential spam numbers to work through and filter thanks to AT&T’s massive subscriber base.

source: AT&T

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  • Richard Dennis

    Great idea.. This should be mandatory that all carriers have a service like this.. And it should be provided free to all customers..