What’s Periscope? Twitter intros Go Live feature right from a Tweet


Twitter is getting into the live video craze with a brand new feature that will allow users to create and tweet live video footage directly from the Twitter mobile app. Facebook has been pushing its live video pretty hard, and the whole concept has gained a ton of steam over the past few months, so Twitter had to jump in eventually.

Except, Twitter basically already did this with Periscope. Since 2015.

Yep, now Twitter has duplicated functionality from Periscope into their mobile app. Previously you could watch live Periscope videos from within the Twitter app, you just couldn’t create them or interact with them if your friend was broadcasting. For that, you’d have to go download the standalone Periscope app.

Now all of that functionality has made its way over to Twitter’s own app, so you technically don’t need that Periscope app unless you just really liked the interface or something. And yes, you can still use Periscope to interact with other users that happen to be on Twitter.

The live video part makes sense, but having two separate apps to do it doesn’t make much sense. On the other hand, at least now you can clean up some clutter on your phone and ditch the Periscope app.

Too bad we couldn’t trade Periscope for Vine, though.

source: Twitter

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