Google Allo has hit 10 million downloads on the Play Store


It appears that — despite a ton of bad pressGoogle Allo, the new instant messaging system from Google, has hit a whopping 10 million downloads since its launch in late September.

When it launched in September, it was a bit of a rocky release. There really wasn’t much to it and there were some seriously confusing quirks. It felt like Facebook Messenger when it launched in 2011, except without the five years of improvements and tweaks to make the experience better and more polished.

Despite its pitfalls, Allo has still seemed to garner over 10 million downloads. Of course, that number likely isn’t telling you how many downloaded it and then uninstalled it. Either way, given that Allo is still missing out on a lot of much-needed features, such as SMS, we probably won’t be hitting the 50 million threshold in the near future.

It’ll be interesting to see how the instant messenger progresses from here on out. It missed out on capitalizing on that initial rush of excitement by not having features many would expect their instant messengers to have. It was a real let down, and now it’s going to be a slow crawl to the top.

Download it now: Google Play

About the Author: Brad Ward

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