Latest Chrome update enables downloading music, videos, and websites for offline use


Google has updated Chrome for Android to version 55, which should be rolling out over the next few days to all users. Like most updates, it’s bringing some performance and stability enhancements, but there are a few new features here, too.

The biggest change is the ability to download content on Chrome for offline use. You can save music, videos, and full web pages to browse offline after the fact, which should help data-conscious users from burning up their data cap. You can also view and share those downloads with other users, making Chrome a hub for digital content on your device.

There are also some slight tweaks to the search UI, and Chrome will now highlight misspelled words in text fields. Small, but welcome, changes.

Check the Play Store to see if your update is queued for your device. If not, don’t worry; Google likes to roll things out over a few days instead of all at once.

source: Google