SwiftKey makes all of its themes for Android and iOS free of charge


SwiftKey is one of the best “smart” keyboards out there, regularly adding a bunch of neat features. And today, to celebrate the holiday season, SwiftKey is making all of its themes available for free on Android and iOS.

If you’ve got SwiftKey for Android, there are over 100 themes you’ll be able to choose from. This includes SwiftKey’s brand new “Vivid” themes. Literally everything is free.

From SwiftKey:

“If you’re on Android, simply tap or slide the hamburger icon on the left of the prediction bar to enter the SwiftKey Hub. From there, open the ‘Themes’ panel and select ‘SwiftKey Store’.”

If you’re not able to find the SwiftKey store to download these themes, be sure to check out SwiftKey’s step-by-step tutorial.

So, if you thought your SwiftKey keyboard was a little boring beforehand, but didn’t want to spend the extra money on a theme for your keyboard, there’s now over 100 available, all for free.

source: SwiftKey