LG begins offering full refunds for faulty Nexus 5X units


With the advent of Google’s new Pixel range of smartphones in 2016, the Nexus line has been discontinued. The Nexus 5X was one of the last models in the line-up and it seems that the LG-manufactured handset has some boot loop issues, which is reminiscent of the LG G4. With the Nexus 5X no longer being produced, spare parts are either scarce or non-existent, resulting in LG taking the bold step of offering full refunds as opposed to repairing the affected phone or replacing it with a refurbished or even new handset.

LG’s strategy for dealing with Nexus 5X units stuck in a boot loop was revealed via an email it sent to a Reddit user whose girlfriend’s handset was diagnosed with the issue. After LG’s repair center received the unit on November 15, it then spent a few days with the “Repair in Progress” status before the email shown below was received.

“Thank you for choosing LG Electronics for your mobile device! We recognize that you have numerous options when selecting a mobile device and it is our priority to provide you with the highest quality products and service.

  We’re sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a problem with your LGH790 and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to provide a warranty repair. We have received your device at our repair facility but currently a part to complete the repair is out of stock and is no longer available.

  To rectify this issue, we would like to offer you a refund for the full amount of your device. That amount will be determined by your sales receipt. Your refund can take approximately 4 weeks to receive due to the holiday.

  Please reply to this email should you have any questions or concerns.”

Other Reddit users confirmed that they had also received the same email, offering them a full refund of the price they paid for the Nexus 5X according to the sales receipt. The only bad thing is that it will take up to 4 weeks for the refunds to be completed.

If your Nexus 5X is having issues with boot looping, it might be a good idea to get it sent off to LG for repair as soon as you can, and don’t forget to let us know how it turns out.

Source: Reddit
Via: Android Police

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