Google Pixel update has two new gestures in tow


A new update is rolling out to the Google Pixel — at least in Canada — bringing with it two new phone gestures. The update, as we mentioned, is said to be rolling out to some users in Canada, but we have yet to see a full rollout.

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The two gestures are double-tap to wake and lift to check your phone. In other words, now, if you double tap the screen, it will “wake” it as if you had pressed the home button or power button to access your home screen. In a similar fashion, that’s how lift to wake works: lift the phone from, say, your pocket and it will automatically wake.


Once downloaded and installed, under “About Phone” you should see the build number NPF26J.

It could potentially be a couple weeks before the Google Pixel sees a full worldwide rollout of this update. That said, Google has made the OTA images available if one were to want to sideload it. You can find the OTA image for the Pixel here and for the Pixel XL here.

source: Reddit (/r/GooglePixel)

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