New OnePlus 3T video shows off just how fast Dash Charge is


When OnePlus announced its brand new OnePlus 3T, one of the highlighting features is their proprietary Dash Charge technology, which promises “a day’s power in half an hour.” While these claims will certainly require independent testing, OnePlus has released a new video comparing the charging time between the OnePlus 3T and the Google Pixel XL. And the results are impressive.

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As you can see in the video above, both the OnePlus 3T and the Google Pixel XL start off at 1% battery and on airplane mode. The timer starts and at the 30 minute mark the timer slows to show that the two phones are relatively close with the OnePlus 3T at 56% and the Pixel XL at 49%. When we get to the one hour mark we see the OnePlus 3T has jumped far ahead with a battery level of 92% while the Pixel XL is down at 70%.

When it is all said and done, the OnePlus 3T reached full charge in about 90 minutes and the Pixel XL clocked in at just over 2 hours. That’s certainly impressive and while a difference of 30 minutes may not seem revolutionary, in some situations that may make or break your ability to have enough charge for whatever you need your phone for. Yes, the Pixel XL has a slightly bigger battery (3450 mAh vs the OnePlus 3T’s 3400 mAh), but despite that the OnePlus 3T is still charging faster. As the video states in the beginning, actual charging time may vary depending on the configuration of your phone and the apps on it, and how much, if at all, you are using your phone while charging. But it’s looking like Dash Charge will prove to be a very impressive and helpful charging solution.


So what exactly is Dash Charge? Basically, Dash Charge generates a larger current to your phone versus other quick charge technologies and, according to OnePlus, the charging rate will not slow down even if the phone is doing intense activities, such as gaming. Now both gaming and charging can generate a lot of heat inside the phone, and the solution OnePlus came up with was to use the Dash Power Adapter itself for heat dispersion to reduce the amount of heat that gets in the OnePlus 3T.

Time and testing will indicate how well this works out “in the real world” and over prolonged use, but this level of quick charge will surely come in handy for a lot of users. How do you feel about the video? Is the ability to full charge your phone as quickly as possible an important buying factor?

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  • Cecilia

    OnePlus could charge by satellite wirelessly for all I care; I’ll never make the mistake of dealing with them again.