Android 7.1 Developer Preview is here for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Pixel C


Google announced on its blog yesterday the availability of the Android 7.1 Developer Preview. The new version ships with the Pixel and Pixel XL, but now those who own a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or Pixel C can grab it early with the Developer Preview.

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Before proceeding, we should warn you that this is just what Google says it is: a developer preview, otherwise known as a beta. In other words, it’s possible you’re going to encounter some bugs, and possibly even bugs that break features. But, that’s just the nature of early access software, and part of the reason why only three devices are supported right now.

Google plans to bring the Android 7.1 Developer Preview to more devices in November.

For now, if you own one of the currently supported devices, you can enroll in the Android Beta program. You can find instructions on how to do so here. If you’re already enrolled, the update will hit you device automatically soon.

Here’s a few of the highlights Google noted:

  • Since 7.1 has already launched on Pixel, we’re delivering the initial Developer Preview at beta quality for the Nexus lineup of devices. The goal is to tease out any device-specific issues.
  • We’ve finalized the new APIs as API Level 25
  • We’ve opened up publishing on Google Play for apps targeting the new API level, so you can update your apps soon as you are ready.

As we mentioned earlier, Google will launch an update to the Android 7.1 Developer Preview in November along with adding more supported devices. In December, Google plans to roll out the final public release to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

source: Android Developers

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  • Michael B

    And night mode disappears. Just a warning. Can’t add it back with tweaks

    • miken72

      Odd that they are eliminating Night Mode. Wonder why.

  • crhylove

    DaFuq the round icons, nigga?!? Seems even snappier and better on the battery than before! I’m on a nexus 5x.