Google Cast app will soon be renamed to Google Home

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Google Cast is a simple technology that enables you to connect your phone, tablet, or computer to a variety of entertainment devices to stream various video and audio content. The Google Cast app is a one stop shop for discovering all sorts of things to cast, and now it appears that Google is planning to expand on the services the app offers as it will soon be renamed to Google Home.

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If you own a smart TV or speaker system, you may already be aware of Google Cast. The way it works is very simple: if you are browsing an app such as YouTube or Spotify, or looking for movie on Netflix or Google Play, a cast button in the app will connect your device to the TV, for example, and play that content on the big screen. What’s great about this service is that as long as you have a smartphone and smart device connected to the same Wi-Fi network, there is no additional hardware you need to buy.

The Google Cast app has been an easy solution for finding the various apps and services that are “cast ready” for you to browse through and select whatever content you want to enjoy. Now, with Google’s big push into the home with upcoming products such as their Google Home smart speaker and continued success with their Chromecast streaming devices, it looks like Google is planning to consolidate as much of that as possible into a single app.

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Meet the new Google Cast app: Google Home. Now I don’t blame you for raising your eyebrows a bit as Google already has its Google Assistant-ready smart speaker called Google Home. But it does seem like a logical step for Google to have a single app that can work with the variety of connected devices, and it seems likely that the Google Home app will be the primary smartphone companion to the Google Home speaker.

The notification in the screenshot above appears now when you open the Google Cast app and states that the change will happen in the next few weeks. We will definitely keep an eye on things to see what changes, if any, occur when the official name change rolls out.

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