Android Distribution chart for September 2016 shows subtle changes


Google has released the latest report for Android distribution numbers as of September 2016 and it shows very slow, yet predictable changes. Join us after the break for all the details.


As we can see in the above chart, Lollipop is the supreme leader of the Android OS with a total presence of 35% of all phones, a decrease of 0.5% from what was reported for August 2016. Marshmallow saw a small but steady climb up to 18.7% and we will have to wait a bit longer for Android 7.0 Nougat to even be included on the chart as any versions at less than 0.1% are not shown.

It’s a common trend to see what was the most recent version of Android (in this case, Marshmallow) continue to climb right around the time that an even newer version comes out. Many Android phones are only just now being updated to Marshmallow even though Google released the beta versions of Nougat much earlier this year than with previous OS versions. However, it’s still encouraging to see older versions of Android on a steady decline month after month (but what are you still doing at 27.7%, KitKat?).

After Nougat graces this chart in a few months, it will be interesting to see if over time it will have a bigger growth than previous versions of Android.

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Source: Android Developers

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    Android 7 on Nexus 6P and Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Android 6.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. There Samsungs of course rooted and flashed software.

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    Why is KitKat high? It’s the min OS for Pokemon Go, so expect J to decline more sharply and K to stick around longer as folk sideload K…