Google’s upcoming Pixel phones rumored to go up for pre-order on October 4


We’ve already heard rumors that Google is ditching the “Nexus” branding, instead opting to call this year’s refresh the Pixel and Pixel XL. The new branding will no doubt be the biggest change with these smartphones, but carrier availability will also have a big part to play as well. We already know Verizon will be carrying them with its own spin on the two handsets. But now, Ausdroid reports that Australian carrier Telstra will offer at least one of them, too.

Telstra offered the Nexus 5X last year, which was an exclusive to the carrier. Ausdroid says the same thing will happen with at least one of the Pixel phones as well. In other words, Australians will only be able to get one of the Pixel phones through two official channels: Telstra or the Google Store.

Ausdroid didn’t mention Telstra putting its own spin on the handset, either. If rumors turn out to be true, you’d essentially be getting it as if you were buying it from the Google Store.

Telstra does have big plans for the Pixel launch, though. They’re actually devoting an extensive amount of resources towards the launch. The report from Ausdroid says that they’re planning to treat it as seriously as an iPhone launch. That would be an interesting change, and a change Google needs to see worldwide to compete with Apple on a higher level.

It’s rumored that pre-orders from Telstra will start on October 4, the same day that Google plans to announce the duo of Pixel smartphones. The device is planned to launch two weeks later on October 20, the report said.

source: Ausdroid

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