Honor commits to 24 months of software and security updates for new phones


When we shell out our hard earned dollars on the latest smartphone we expect that phone to be updated to Android’s latest and greatest into the foreseeable future. Not only is it gratifying to have the newest software on our device, but with ever increasing threats from malware, such as this new Google Adsense bug, there is also a huge security risk to having outdated software. Unfortunately, getting devices onto the newest software still remains a huge problem for the Android ecosystem. Just take a look at the latest Android distribution numbers and you’ll see what I am talking about. Huawei sub-brand Honor is looking to help ameliorate those problems a little bit with all its newest phones. According to a Huawei’s Taylor Wimberly, Honor is going to begin delivering an enhanced software experience for the latest Honor devices.

So what does an enhanced software experience entail you may ask? According to the Google+ post, from this year forward, starting with the new Honor 8, Honor is going to deliver software updates with new features for up to 24 months. For the first year of a devices life cycle those updates will come every 3 months, with those updates possibly taking a bit longer after that initial 12 month period. Then after the 24 months Honor will stop delivering software updates with new features, such as the newest version of Android, but it will continue to deliver security updates when threats to the Android ecosystem arise.

It is great to see Honor stepping up to commit to keeping its devices up to date. While many of you may be annoyed that this isn’t necessarily a commitment to monthly security updates, the fact that they have committed to 24 months of up to date software along with patching security issues even past that more then makes up for this. Now if they will actually honor this commitment, only time will tell.

Source: Taylor Wimberly (Google+)

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