Lenovo details what goes into making Moto Mods


One of the standout features of the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force (aside from being Verizon exclusive for the time being) are the Moto Mods. If you missed all the commotion around the announcement and launch of the devices, Moto Mods are modular accessories that magnetically snap on the back of the phone. There are things like bigger batteries, loud speakers, and even projectors that Lenovo has crafted up for their flagship phones, and despite the fact that they’re exclusive to the Moto Z line, the Moto Mods are really cool.

Since the success of the Moto Z family lies on how well the Moto Mods do, it would only make sense for Lenovo to try and talk things up to bring in sales. Their latest marketing scheme is to detail the kind of work that goes into the Moto Mods, so they’ve released a short video briefly touching on their vision for the Mods.

The video mentions the driving idea behind Moto Mods, and that is bringing user choice, customization, and functionality to phones the way digital app stores have done. You can’t say that they’ve done that yet, but their implementation is good and it certainly has room to grow.

Beyond the idea behind Moto Mods, Lenovo had to figure out how to actually design a phone that could support this kind of thing. Needless to say, that’s tricky when dealing with razor-thin smartphones that also put off considerable amounts of heat and took some ingenuity to make everything work together as well as it does.

The only pain point that’s left with Moto Mods is how well they’ll succeed as a platform. The Mods are very cool and all work extremely well, but there aren’t very many in production right now. If Lenovo wants them to take off, the platform will have to be very inviting for users and developers alike. Otherwise, they’ll end up in the same pile as LG’s modular accessories.

The blog post is very interesting, whether you’re interested in the Moto Mods or you’d just like to read into some of the engineering voodoo that went into bringing them to life.

source: Motorola

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