LG V20 renders surface showing several views of new device


Hoping to reverse the disappointment of the LG G5 launch earlier this year, LG plans to release the LG V20 next month as a successor to the LG V10. According to a report a few days ago we think we know some of the specs for the LG V20 including a 5.7-inch screen and a Snapdragon 820 processor. We did not have any ideas on what the LG V20 might look like though, until now. Sources indicate they have obtained renders of the device that not only give us an idea of what the V20 may look like, they also cue us in to some of the features that may be present.

Overall, one of the issues the renders suggest is that LG is bringing the design concepts of the LG G5 over to the LG V20. Despite increasing similarity between the G series and V series this move would create, LG does appear to be retaining some of the uniqueness of the V series. One of the items that appears to have survived the shift is the secondary screen that appears above the main screen on the front of the device. That secondary screen was generally well-received despite seeming to be a bit gimmicky.

Another potential gimmick for LG was the introduction of their modular system for the LG G5 this year. The design of the LG V20 and the presence of what appears to be a button on one side of the device suggest LG is bringing the module system to the V series with the V20. One might think LG would make the modules useable by both devices, but that remains to be seen.

Like the G5, it looks like the V20 is also losing LG’s rear-located buttons. A fingerprint scanner that may pull double-duty as the power button is still located on the back of the device. The volume rocker has moved to the side of the device though.

Besides the fingerprint scanner, the back of the device is dominated by a large camera housing sticking out from the rest of the device in a manner similar to the Nexus 6P.

Other details include some very thin bezels around the screen and it appears LG has decided to keep the 3.5mm audio jack. The LG V20 does get an upgrade to USB-C though.

The hardware suggests the LG V20 will be comparable to several other flagship devices hitting the market. Do you think LG has done anything with the design of the V20 to make a compelling case for buyers to opt for this over the competition?

source: Android Authority

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