Google Maps update brings Wi-Fi only mode, SD card storage


Google Maps for Android is receiving a new update, allowing users to turn on Wi-Fi only mode. Not only that, but if your phone storage is getting a little low, you can save offline areas to an SD card now.

Google realizes that you might not always have the best cell service, and that’s why they’re adding in a Wi-Fi only mode to Maps. This will allow users to use Google Maps offline, ultimately saving on data and maybe even a good chunk of battery life.

Another feature that many have been begging for is the ability to save your offline areas to an SD card, as you can fill up your internal storage rather quickly, especially if it’s already almost full from apps, music and photos. In this latest update, saving to an SD card is now possible, allowing you to free up that internal storage space for other things.

Those are the two major changes to the app, but Google did add some expanded commuting abilities as well. In addition to being able to compare ride services like Uber, users will be able to compare additional transportation services like GO-JEK and Grab rides. Gett, Hailo and MyTaxi also got some expanded availability. Keep in mind that much of these improvements are outside of the US, primarily in European and Asian countries.

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source: Google

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