Welcome to Android, Kim Kardashian


Now’s the chance for every company who has struggled to beat Apple or Samsung to become the most relevant brand in the mobile industry.

Why? Kim Kardashian’s phone is broken and she can’t find a new one. The horror!

On Wednesday, Kim revealed that her BlackBerry Bold is dead. While the logical response is for someone in her camp to order a new model, the reality star herself already checked on eBay for a new one and came up empty handed. But I’m not sure the Kim tried very hard because I was able to find over 1,000 listings for the BlackBerry Bold on the retailer’s site in seconds.


If you’ve ever watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you know the entire family loves their BlackBerry devices. For those of you lying and claiming you’re unfamiliar with the Kardashian-BlackBerry connection, Kim’s tweets tell the story.

This a serious problem, people. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if your phone from 2011 was broke and you had to move on to a better platform. The horror!

Surprisingly, BlackBerry was the sole company to step forward despite the golden public relations move present for everyone else. Alex Thurber, SVP of Device Sales, reached out to Kim to provide her with an Android device; however, no is sure if the company gave her the Priv or the new DTEK50, though it’s probably safe to assume the former is the one because of the physical keyboard.

Offering her a new phone would’ve been an excellent move for any company not named Apple or Samsung. Imagine HTC had offered up a free phone? Maybe they could’ve doubled HTC 10 sales in a single day! Or Lenovo could’ve gave Kim a fresh Moto Z, causing people to overlook the high price tag of their Moto Mods. It was a huge missed opportunity by many, but other Android partners could still step forward and toss a phone Kim’s way.


Thurber also informed Kim that BlackBerry is developing another device with a physical keyboard similar to the one she loved on her Bold. Until then, she’ll have to put her fingers on a touchscreen or utilize the Priv’s slide-out physical keyboard.

It’s possible this dramatic two-day situation was caught on camera by E! and airs on an upcoming episode of KUWTK. We’ll be sure to publish an episode recap if it does happen.

Source: TMZ
Via: NY Daily News

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  • The problem is many celebrities use iPhones. We need to educate them and the public that Apple isn’t the only one and to check out Android which gives you many choices that Apple does not. Last year they were victim of the Apple cloud hack.