Specs leaked for Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Wildfire2, Desire2, Desire HD2

Just a couple more days until MWC 2011, where we’re sure to hear about the following devices launching, with full specs, maybe even prices too! Who wants to wait for that? Not us, so we grabbed these here spec sheets that got leaked by online mobile retailer Expansys, courtesy of Pocket-Lint screencaps. Pretty good list of devices here, even though the names may change at the official announcements.

HTC Wildfire2

HTC Desire 2

HTC Desire HD 2

Samsung Galaxy S2

[via BGR]

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  • Masta

    I think there’s a mistake in Desire HD2 screen size. With qHD resolution it must be 4.3″ like it’s older brother Desire HD – not 3.3″ as printed above…