SwiftKey users have been seeing predictions from other people’s personal data


SwiftKey is one of the oldest and most popular third-party keyboards on Android. It has almost unmatched text predictions that sync with various apps and services (such as SMS, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter) allowing the user to quickly type up a message, often using the prediction bar alone. Combine that with the ability to sync your predictions in the cloud so your data is available across all devices your signed into and you have a pretty powerful service. However, in the last several days some users are reporting that the predictions they are seeing are not their own, and appear to be from other people.

A Reddit thread has been filling up with reports from SwiftKey users that they are receiving predictions from other users, at times including personal information such as email IDs. The original author of the thread first noticed this when German suggestions appeared after a factory reset of the phone, despite the English (UK) language pack being the only one installed. Several images were uploaded by the user to give examples of this issue. This has led to other users also reporting similar problems and SwiftKey as of now has yet to issue a fix.

This naturally has many users now worried about their privacy and the safety of personal data that is synced in the cloud. While it appears that this issue is mostly affecting users who recently did a factory reset of their phone and then reinstalled SwiftKey, without an official cause or solution it can be hard to put the minds of users at ease. SwiftKey does seem to be aware of the issue and posted within the Reddit thread:

“thank you for raising this. Our team is looking into this as a matter of priority. If you have a moment please share more information via reviews@swiftkey.com to help us resolve this faster.”

In a separate report, syncing within SwiftKey has not been working properly or at all these last few days and a support thread on the SwiftKey site has been opened. It is unclear if this new sync issue is connected or if this is a sign that the team is working on a fix.

Have you been experiencing any of these syncing and word prediction problems? We will keep you updated on any developments and hopefully SwiftKey will swiftly fix this issue.

Via: Phone Arena, Android Police

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    Yeah that’s why I removed the account and uninstalled the moment they published “we are bought by Microsoft” ;-)

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      That’s exactly what I was about to type. Good to see I’m not alone

  • asg749d

    Just today I received an update on my phone, ostensibly to correct this issue. I hadn’t noticed it though.

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