Exclusive: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a barely-curved display, plenty of new software features


Next month, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 will debut in front of a live crowd in New York City.

We’re sharing exclusive information today that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Our information comes from a trusted source who has indeed used a consumer-ready version of the phone that will be Samsung’s flagship moving forward. If we’re wrong, we invite you to laugh in our faces.

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Editor’s Note: None of the following images are of or from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Any media included is for reference. Our information, which comes from an accurate source, is entirely text-based in this post.


First, let’s end the debate as to whether the display will be flat or curved. The Galaxy Note 7 is going to have a display similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge that was launched earlier this year. While the phone will have a display with curved edges, Samsung is heavily toning them down for this phone. This means Samsung is seeing what people are saying about its innovation that the Galaxy Note Edge brought and scaling it back to reach a comfortable spot for consumers.

The display, which measures 5.7 inches, is covered by Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 5. Bezels seem “almost nonexistent” when using the Galaxy Note 7.

Our source says the phone is “thicker than the Galaxy Note 5 but doesn’t feel like it in the hand.” The back has curved glass like the Galaxy S7. It’s waterproof, too, even when you have the S Pen in use. And next to the S Pen slot is a USB Type-C port that can still be used with micro-USB cables as Samsung is including an adapter with the Galaxy Note 7. Despite having the USB Type-C port, Samsung is keeping the auxiliary port.

The front of the Galaxy Note 7 has two cameras to handle iris scanning, which we’re not claiming as part of our exclusive information as other publications have covered it. The iris scanner uses infrared technology to work in the dark but doing so with glasses will be tricky. When used under proper conditions, the iris scanner is “pretty quick.”

Iris scanning can be used in conjunction with fingerprint scanning or traditional lock screen layouts for quick access to the phone.


Both rear and front cameras are the same as what you already see on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. This means you’re getting a 12MP rear camera with Dual Pixel technology and a 5MP front camera.

Regarding the look of the software, our source says its very reminiscent of what Asian companies implement in their hardware. We’re told there is “lots of white, a new status bar, and rounded app icons.” Remember the leaked version of TouchWiz that showed up in June? That’s “mostly” what to expect.

Because of the special display, the Galaxy Note 7 will ship with the usual Edge screen features.


The real selling point for any Galaxy Note device, though, is its stylus. The S Pen is going to get added capabilities that allow it to act as a magnifying glass and a translator. Also, Samsung’s Always On Display feature will support the S Pen for instant note-taking that keeps notes on the display at all times.

What else is Samsung bundling with its software? Samsung Cloud. Yes, the company is going to get into cloud storage and compete directly with Google Drive and Apple iCloud. You’ll get 5GB of cloud storage just for owning a Galaxy device.

To lengthen battery life, Samsung is even allowing you to scale down the Galaxy Note 7’s screen resolution to 720p.


This all sounds good to most of you, but existing owners of the Gear VR won’t be happy to know that the Galaxy Note 7 is not going to work with the original virtual reality headset from Samsung. The company is going to launch a new virtual reality headset that will also work with previous Galaxy devices.

We can’t say anything about the processor, unfortunately, and that will vary by region anyways. But our source did state that 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage are standard.

Color options, as you’ve seen already, will be black, silver, blue, and gold. The first two will come at launch while the other two follow at a later date; however, we’re told these could be market-specific and retailer-specific.

The person who provided us with all of the information we’ve shared with you finished our correspondence by saying this is “the best of everything Samsung has ever offered.”

Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy Note 7 during an event held on August 2 in New York City.

About the Author: Justin Herrick

Born and raised in New Jersey, Justin is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University where he studied marketing with a focus on digital marketing. He's very talkative and enjoys discussing anything from technology and sports to video games and television. As for Justin's current device rotation, he carries around the Google Pixel and Nexus 9. In the rare case that his phone or tablet is not in his hand, he is either flicking through cards on his Moto 360 (2015) or typing away on the Microsoft Surface Book. Justin is patiently waiting for the day that Google replicates the Galaxy Nexus with modern day specifications.

  • Rishav Kumar

    if we can really change the resolution on the phone…..then samsung we have a winner & a loved feature in the note 7 !!
    i only hope it has 6gb ram !!
    rest all looks solid !! :)

    • MathewSullivan

      You can do that with any android, even when it isnt rooted.

      • Rishav Kumar

        how ?
        how can we change the resolution ??

  • robamcclellan

    It will be shown August 2nd, not August 7th

  • James Diman

    I wish that blue coral color was available at launch, that is the color I really want. If not then the gold. But it may be that I have to settle for the silver, which I really don’t want, but I also don’t want to wait to own the Note 7. The black just looks like any other phone, it is not a premium color, and the silver is tacky looking. I have a friend with the S7 edge in silver and I don’t like it. That blue is going to be way more popular than Samsung expects.

    I wish it had the 6GB of RAM, but I think the 4GB will be just good for the device. And I am glad to see it have 64GB of storage, with the SD slot. All the other features that I have read about, this phone is going to be what Note users expect. It will be a great phone.

  • ChuckN007

    So far I have not heard enough to make me inclined to trade up from my Galaxy Note 5 which I bought a year ago.

  • ac

    4GB RAM / 64GB internal confirmed, but any mention of 128 or 256GB being offered (like early rumors)? Assuming the microSD slot is there also, I’ll be okay with 64 w/ microSD, but having 128GB on my Mate 8 has gotten me a little spoiled not having to worry about cleaning up my internal storage.

  • besweeet

    Is the home button / fingerprint sensor expected to be an actual button that you have to push down, or just a tap surface? I’d much rather have the latter nowadays.

  • Olivat

    I’m interested in the pricing, hopefully it’s not too expensive. I’m waiting until the Nexus Marlin comes out to decide which one I’m gonna get

  • C B

    August 7 or August 2nd? Article says 7th. Also past tense…

    • Justin_Herrick

      That’s odd. The date is showing August 2 for me.

      We corrected a typo this morning that was minutes after publishing, so it could be a caching issue. Let me know if it’s still incorrect on your end.

      • C B

        Looks good, didn’t mean to nitpick. Great article.

        • Justin_Herrick

          No need to apologize. The error was probably existing because of a caching-related matter. I cleared it so you’re all good now!

  • Vacuumboots87

    I am disappointed that they made no attempt to upgrade the camera. This should have been the king of all phones.

    • bjs

      I’m disappointed in lot more than that. Several months ago size was 5.8″. RAM was 6 to 8GB. Battery was 4,000 mAh, which dropped to 3,600mAh and now stands at 3,500mAh. I can’t blame Samsung for misleading rumors, but the phone seems to have gone from outstanding to a yawner. Even the S7Edge has a bigger battery.

      • Vacuumboots87

        Yeah I dunno, probably wait to see what the V11 looks like before making a decision.

        • Andrew Burke

          Absolutely. Removable battery is by far the most important feature of a powerhouse phone. Definitely holding out for LG

    • chaosnightmare

      Galaxy S5 and Note 4 had the same camera sensor but note 4 was heavily improved via software and still to date one of the best camera phones, also, there’s no mention here about battery capacity and SoC but it would be a bit odd if samsung downgraded battery from the S7 edge, so there’s still hope, We’ll see in a few days what they have for us.

      • The Doctor

        Your Note 4 camera is nowhere near as good as the S7/S7 edge camera.

        Note 4 owners are delusional.

        • chaosnightmare

          I’m a big fan of the S7 and note 7 and I have no doubt about it being better in a many of departments over the camera in the note 4, my point was that if they improved the note 4 camera over the S5 using almost the same sensor maybe they will do the same with the processing of the note 7 camera resulting in a better snapper than the S7

  • Andrew Burke

    I’m REALLY pleased Samsung has listened to customers and decided to make some key improvements to the new flagship: First, bumping up to a 4k screen and expanding the size to 5.8 or 5.9 inches will make for a much better Gear VR experience. Adding back an accessible battery means a simple battery swap negates the battery drain of 4k. It also saves a costly repair bill when the built-in battery degrades after 500 charging cycles. The move to 6GB of RAM comes at such an important time, with the multi-tasking built into Nougat. Upgrading away from a fragile glass back means we don’t have to invest in a pricey case, and can use the phone as is, enjoying all its new colors. Thoughtfully bringing back the IR blaster means once again we have a universal remote in a device we always have with us. And an upgrade over the S7’s camera means a new level of enjoyment for the photographers among us.

    Funny, I had a nightmare last night that Samsung actually chose not to include *one single feature* listed above, and instead released a crippled device that is still an overall downgrade from the Note 4.

    “But, muh iris scanner!”

    I hope this phone is thoroughly boycotted and sells 10% of what Samsung expects, because what it is vs what it should have been is absolutely tragic.


    Does anyone know any of the following:

    Will the silver color have the metallic mirror finish like the GS7 or is it more of a dull color like the pix?

    Also will the gold option be available at launch or will it be carrier dependent and relased at a later date?

  • jason

    I’ll hold on to my note 5 and wait for the note 8 for now… The note should be a power house not a copy of what’s already out.. sigh..

    • I agree.
      It should be 5GB+ RAM. Not 4 GB.