Nintendo’s portable NX console will be powered by an NVIDIA processor


According to a new report from video game publication Eurogamer, Nintendo’s upcoming NX console will be powered by one of NVIDIA’s mobile processors.

It looks like the Tegra X1 could be a possibility, as that’s what current development units are supposedly running. On the other hand, that could be swapped out with another NVIDIA mobile processor when the NX console launches.

If you aren’t familiar with the rumors circulating, the Nintendo NX will be a portable handheld console with its own display. And when you get home, you can easily connect it up to the big screen for a more high quality gaming experience.


Here’s the unique part, as Eurogamer reports: the controllers attach to both sides of the console, effectively transforming it into that handheld console (see the illustration above).

We’ve heard rumors in the past that Nintendo was looking at Android to be the operating system for its next video game console, but from what the report from Eurogamer says, the Nintendo NX won’t run on Android. Rumors also were circulating that Nintendo would be creating accessories for phones and tablets. It’s highly possible that those accessories could stem from something like the Nintendo NX.

We’re expecting to see a Nintendo NX announcement in September at some point, though an official launch may not happen until March 2017.

source: Eurogamer

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