[Deal] Google starts up its Back to School discounts


Google is starting up some of its back to school promotions in the Google Store, offering discounts on Chromebooks and smartphones alike.

First up, Google is offering up to $30 off on select Chromebooks, with one of those being the Acer Chromebook 14. It certainly isn’t a steep discount, but is nice to take a little bit off of the top.

The really nice discount Google is offering this time around is for the Nexus 6P. Interested buyers will be able to take a whopping $100 off the handset. Need a smartwatch to go with it? No problem! The search giant is offering $50 off of the Huawei Watch as well as the Huawei Watch Jewel & Elegant models.

Additionally, Google is offer some small discounts, such as $5 off of a Chromecast of your choosing.

Anyone plan on picking up a device for this upcoming school year? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Google Store]

  • Phoghat

    Will never buy another Acer device after have 3 ( including their first Chromebook) turn into bricks shortly after the guarantees were up