Google makes it easier to add information about places in Google Maps


Google is making it easier to add accurate information to different business, landmarks and other locations around the world inside Google Maps. Now, users can easily suggest edits, add locations, share details about a certain location and even verify suggested edits from other users.

Making suggested edits has been available for some time now through the mobile app (Android and iOS) and through Google Search. But now, if an existing location has outdated information or you’re at a spot where a location should be, but Google Maps is showing nothing of the sort, you can quickly and easily drop a pin and start filling out information about that business or landmark.

Secondly, Google is making it easier to make business, landmarks and other locations in Google Maps more descriptive. Some people might want to know if a business or landmark is a nice, romantic location or if a restaurant has delivery or not. You’ll be able to add these types of details within the mobile app and on Search.


Of course, all of this information is useless if it cannot be verified. There are always those few bad apples out there that will falsify information just because. That said, Google is sort of crowdsourcing the verification process now. If a location has a pending suggestion, you’ll see a notification that “Someone suggested new info.” If you select the notification, you’ll be able to verify that information. And if you’re not quite sure, Google Maps will even give you the ability to call up the place and verify information.

Once a suggested edit receives enough votes to make Google feel confident it’s accurate, those suggestions will be placed on the map.

These changes are really neat, and allows people who are familiar with certain areas to add their expertise to Google Maps, making find certain places easier for everyone.

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source: Google

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